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Adapting a recipe to be kosher is easier than you think!  Obviously you have to make sure that any meat is kosher (I use Empire chicken/turkey and buy beef from either a local meat market or Costco's kosher section) but there are easy substitutions for taking the dairy out of a meat meal or meat out of a dairy meal.  Here are my favorite substitutions:

Butter for a parve or meat dish - use EarthBalance Buttery Spread (made from oils), coconut oil if the flavor will work with the rest of the ingredients or a soy margarine **see note below from Fleishman's
Milk for a parve or meat dish - soy milk (unsweetened) or any nut milk
Cream for a parve or meat dish - non-dairy creamer
Chicken stock for a parve or dairy dish - Imagine brand No-Chicken Broth
Beef stock for a parve or dairy dish - any mushroom stock

To replace non-kosher ingredients here are a few tips and products I like:

Paskesz brand marshmallows (they use fish to make the gelatin)
Instead of using bacon in a dish - add some olive oil and salt

If you have other suggestions for substitutions please let me know!

**Note from Fleichmann's regarding their margarine:

The Kosher symbol on the package for our Original Sticks (UPC 2900000831) is  "Circle U D" which is Kosher Dairy.

The Kosher symbol on the package for our Unsalted Sticks (UPC 2900000837) is "Circle U - Pareve " which means it contains neither meat nor milk.

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